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The DUX 1001

Shop the DUX® 1001 with Xupport bed, the perfect introduction to the legendary DUX comfort and support with dynamic two-layer spring construction. 20% off All DUX® Bed Models: May 3rd - May 20th, 2024. Find your local DUXIANA® store or use code SPRINGEVENT2024 to shop online.

The DUX® 1001 dynamic two layer spring construction is the perfect introduction to legendary DUX comfort and support. Available in both single and dual-base configurations. 20% off In-Store or Online with Code SPRINGEVENT2024

Customize Your Bed

We believe that your bed is your castle. That is why we let you choose all the components, from mattress, headboard, and top pad to legs. Make DUX personal!

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Every DUX bed comes with our Xupport Top Pad. This 2.5 inch replaceable cotton covered latex top pad adds extra softness and cushioning, and is an integral part of The DUX® Bed, enhancing the personal feel and comfort vital to a great night’s rest. Unlike most beds with pillow tops, our top pad is not fastened to the bed. Not only does this complement the contouring nature of our beds, but in the case of a spill or wear, you can simply replace the top pad without having to replace your entire mattress.


Only the dynamic nature of a spring system can contour to all of your movements at night. The revolutionary DUX spring system adjusts itself to the weight and shape of your body. It moves as you move. It conforms to your contours, providing continuous, dynamic support along every point of your body. The DUX spring design is neither too firm nor too soft. It is flexible enough to let your shoulders and hips sink in, yet resilient enough to rise up and support your lower back. Vital pressure points — especially your spine — are supported in the most ergonomically healthy positions possible, letting your blood circulate freely while your muscles completely relax.

Continuous Spring Innovation

Superior Comfort

The secret behind DUX is technology. We aim to ensure the highest sleep quality, focusing on proper posture and improved deep sleep. Thanks to continuous coil spring design and time-tested technology, The DUX Beds are incredibly comfortable.

The DUX Innovation

DUX 1001

Sustainable Craftmanship

Long-lasting materials, human-ecological highest standards, customizable components. We apply the sustainable approach to every step of the DUX production process. Our furniture's and beds' life cycle is based on the Replace, Renew, and Restore strategy.

Sustainability, quality, and longevity


Choose your bed legs, headboard, bed skirt, and linen. Discover our exclusive line of accessories, perfectly fit for your DUX bed, at our DUXIANA showrooms.

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Feel the difference

There is no better way to experience all of the above than trying it in real life. Put any doubts to bed. Find the nearest store and feel it for yourself.

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