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more than just a bed 

The DUX Bed

DUX is more than just a bed. It's a vehicle for well-being. The DUX Bed is about deep sleep to allow your body to repair, rebuild, and restore itself , updated

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DUX 3003

This is our most advanced frame bed with customizable comfort zones.

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Superior Comfort update

The secret behind DUX is technology. We aim to ensure the highest sleep quality, focusing on proper posture and improved deep sleep. Thanks to continuous coil spring design and time-tested technology, the DUX beds are incredibly comfortable.

The DUX Innovation

Sustainable Craftmanship

Long-lasting materials, human-ecological highest standards, customizable components. We apply the sustainable approach to every step of the DUX production process. Our beds' and furniture’s life cycle is based on the Replace, Renew, and Restore strategy.

Sustainability, quality, and longevity