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Customize your side of the bed

Pascal Customizable Support System

We embrace the differences between people who share the same bed. That is why our Pascal system of interchangeable spring cassettes allows you to customize your side of the bed individually. Our goal is to ensure the optimal support and comfort without compromises.

Every body is unique

The cassettes are designed to fit body types and body parts, so they do not only accommodate the difference in weight and height, but in shoulder width, hip density, and musculature. While you may need firmer bed support under your lower back, your partner may need more flexibility to achieve proper spinal alignment.

How It Works

The top layer of The DUX Bed with Pascal can be unzipped to reveal six interchangeable spring cassettes; three for each side. You can arrange the cassettes based on your body size, shape, and needs.


Remove the top pad


Unzip the top of the bed


Choose the right density: soft, medium, or firm


Enjoy your side of the bed

Three zones of support

Your legs, hips, and shoulders need a different type of support. The DUX Bed separates support zones, providing you with more comfort throughout the whole body. The shoulder cassette reduces pressure points that can inhibit circulation. The hip support cassette helps to keep your spine straight, loose, and relaxed, while the leg support cassette slightly elevates your legs to align your spine and maintain circulation to your feet.