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DUXIANA is committed to supporting only the most sustainable down initiatives, including the ethical treatment of birds and humane down harvesting practices. DOWNMARK, the strictest certification in the industry, not only ensures the ethical treatment of geese and ducks; but is also the only organization that field tests to ensure that the customer is getting an honestly labelled and described product.

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How To Choose A Duvet

The higher the quality of down, the better it will be at all the things that down is famous for: superb insulation, incredible lightness, and unmatched breathability. For this reason higher quality duvets can provide a wider comfort range – warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Additionally higher quality down-proof fabrics can further enhance breathability; in fact our covers now have a special finish, making them even more breathable than other cottons. To help you in your duvet decision, reference the illustration to see how our different lines measure up.

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There is no better way to experience the DUX Bed than trying it in real life. Put any doubts to bed. Find the nearest store and see it for yourself.

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