Spring Cleaning - Allergy-Proofing Your Bedroom


The bedroom is your sanctuary. At least it would be if it weren’t for the yearly onslaught of spring allergens getting in the way of deep restful sleep. And so the birth of spring cleaning came to be. But the reality of spring cleaning is that you may simply be agitating the allergens that have been hiding out for the past year, making you feel even more miserable than before. We decided to tackle this dilemma by gathering a few tips and tricks to make your mission for a better sleep environment as misery-free as possible.



Depending on the climate in which you live, humidity can play a large role in how comfortable you feel in your home. Humidity is more than just an irritable element. It also aids in the development of dust mites, mold, and other allergy-carrying irritants. The higher the levels of humidity in your home, the more room there is for allergens to thrive and occupy the space. According to the CDC, mites prefer relative humidity levels of 70% to 80% and temperatures of 75°F to 80°F (24°C to 27°C). Most mites are found in bedrooms in bedding, where they spend up to a third of their lives. A good start to preventing allergies is dehumidifying your living space. Also look out for areas that are susceptible to standing water, such as the kitchen or the bathroom. Try to keep water from staying trapped in your towels by spreading them out on the rack, allowing more surface area to air dry. It is beneficial to vent the area when dealing with steam to prevent it from settling and increasing the chances of mildew.


Your pillow is a face-first direct contact with allergies. Low quality bedding can be a home to allergens that get trapped between the sheets. 


Your pillow is a face-first direct contact with allergies. Low quality bedding can be a home to allergens that get trapped between the sheets. Lifescript, one of the fastest-growing online healthy living publishers, mentions that dust mites like to seek refuge on exfoliated skin that builds up on the bed. Combat this by washing your linens in hot water. This will kill off any mites. Another preventive measure is using allergy covers to block out moisture, pollen, and allergens that get trapped within the threads. Visit DUXIANA for a full range of luxurious, breathable allergy covers that will allow you to rest easy during sniffle season.



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