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Meet the last bed you’ll ever need: DUX Sustainable Comfort

Improving the comfort, performance and longevity of beds has been DUX’s driving goal since the company was founded nearly a century ago. The latest generation of the legendary DUX bed continues this journey. With a component-based sleep system for unparalleled customization and all-natural materials, it’s designed to last a lifetime – and beyond.


“Our improved component design gives every sleeper a personalized sleep experience that prioritizes both their own well-being as well as the health of our planet,” says Henrik Ljung, CEO, DUX & DUXIANA. “We’ve called this new collection ‘Sustainable Comfort’ for a reason, and we promise it will live up to that name in every respect.”

Rethinking every stitch

Sustainable Comfort is the result of a three-year research and development effort, in which DUX carefully reviewed and analysed all materials used in existing beds. While DUX has always relied on responsible manufacturing with carefully sourced, long-lasting resources, the new bed collection takes this even further – removing all non-essential, man-made materials.


As before, the bed frames are constructed from slow-growth Swedish pine, with springs made from high-tensile, responsibly sourced steel. The key difference is in the fabrics. For the new components, DUX has selected a range of all-natural fibres: 100% wool, 100% cotton and 100% flax. In addition, the latex layer has been upgraded to a blend featuring 90% natural latex.


“The new materials not only improve the environmental footprint of each and every DUX bed,” adds Ljung. “They also create an enhanced sleeping experience. Natural latex provides contouring support for every inch of a sleeper’s body, while the high-thread, 100% cotton offers unbeatable softness. All-natural fabrics throughout the bed also allow for greater temperature control for a more comfortable night’s sleep.”




The world’s most customizable bed

DUX develops bed technologies to ensure the highest quality rest, with a focus on proper posture and improved, deeper sleep. The key to this is a sleeper’s ability to customize their side of the bed to best fit the unique needs of their body.

The beds in the Sustainable Comfort collection feature a sleep system based on three separate, replaceable components. This innovative design offers greater flexibility to adjust the bed to provide the best possible level of comfort – and to sustain that comfort for even longer periods of time.


  • Pascal Support System: DUX’s patented system of interchangeable cassettes ensures optimal support for legs, hips and shoulders.
  • DUX Top Pads: integral to providing optimal comfort, these remain unfastened to the bed for maximum personal flexibility.
  • The Inner Comfort Layer: A newly upgraded component made from natural latex and natural wool, which further enhances comfort customization potential.




“The component-based system makes it possible to continuously refresh the comfort of your DUX bed,” Ljung explains. “It’s always possible to upgrade a component, or to swap them out if changing life circumstances require a different type of support. Essentially, you can extend the life of your bed indefinitely, meaning it may very well be the last bed you ever buy!”


The bed’s longevity is reflected in a new colour scheme for the collection. The combination of Scandinavian light sand and warm oatmeal is simultaneously classic yet modern, providing a timeless look to suit any design taste. Even if the owner decides to redecorate or remodel, the Sustainable Comfort bed will enhance the bedroom’s aesthetics for years to come.




Leading the way in new sleep possibilities

A handcrafted approach with premium materials has always been at the core of DUX products. The Sustainable Comfort collection builds on this legacy. It is the product of over 90 years of innovation and proven bed technologies – including the unique continuous coil spring system that enables dynamic sleep support.

“For us, Sustainable Comfort is another example of DUX’s proud Swedish roots, reflecting our dedication to quality as well as responsible environmental stewardship,” Ljung says. “DUX means ‘leader’, and this is exactly who we are. With these beds, we’re once again setting new standards: both when it comes to comfortable, customizable sleep experiences, and also for more sustainable, longer lasting sleep products.”


The Sustainable Comfort collection will be available Fall 2024.

Feel the difference

There is no better way to experience the DUX Bed than trying it in real life. Put any doubts to bed. Find the nearest store and see it for yourself.

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