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CES Shows the Power of Connected Commerce

Homes are getting smarter as the Internet of Things expands, and that has major implications for payments and commerce. Examples of that are coming fast and furious this week at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 in Las Vegas.

As you can imagine, the kitchen is an anchor point of the smart home trend. And as CES, there are examples of the smart kitchen combining with artificial intelligence. Indeed, according to a statement, “Bosch and AI-kitchen assistant startup Chefling Inc. will demonstrate for the first time at CES newly added inventory management technology in their connected smart kitchen solution.” More specifically, “the latest technology uses in-refrigerator image recognition to recognize newly added and removed items and automatically update inventory lists and streamline replenishment. This connection is empowered by Home Connect and can be used with any refrigerator that is equipped with a camera and is connected by Home Connect.”

Beds, too, are getting smarter — as DUX, a Swedish luxury bedmaker, intends to show at this year’s CES. “DUX Beds are hand-crafted to provide unparalleled sleeping conditions that are based on decades of research and testing. At CES 2020, DUX will merge its high-performance sleeping system and hand-crafted headboards with smart home technology to enable users to create the ultimate sleeping environment,” according to another statement.




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