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At CES 2020, Alexa will help you sleep better — for $5K

CNET  –  If you had "luxury bed" on your "where will Alexa end up next?" CES bingo card, then I have some terrific news for you, my friend. There is, in fact, such a bed at this year's show -- and a king-size version can be yours for the princely sum of $4,950.

I may be wrong, but aside from Alexa-enabled automobiles, I believe that's the most expensive "Alexa built-in" device that we've seen to date (edit: Nope! Totally forgot about the $7,000 Alexa toilet).

At any rate, the bed in question comes from Dux, a Swedish maker of luxury beds, and it'll be available in queen, king and California king sizes online and in Duxiana stores throughout the US this May. It takes the same, ultrafancy design the brand already sells in high-end bedding outlets around the world and sticks an Alexa speaker to the underside to sneak some unseen AI assistance into your bedroom.



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