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The Sculptor's Residence in Stockholm

Excerpt from Bungalow5

"I just love Stockholm, I love the clean, crisp cold air, the many very well-kept historic buildings dating back 100s of years. When walking the streets, I always try to look inside people’s windows, not in a starker kind of way of course, but you know, the way most of us try to sneak a peek how people live and decorate. The Sculptor’s Residence, an exclusive apartment atelier installation, so not a real home, but set up as one, that transforms a period property into the eclectic home of an artisan collector. In my imagination everyone in Stockholm lives like this.



For Stockholm Design Week only (unfortunately), MENU and DUX join forces to create an apartment in the heart of Stockholm becomes an artistic haven of creativity and comfort during the city’s design week this February. Curated by Norm Architects and Linnea Ek Blæhr, co-founder of Séché Studio.

Through four different rooms that serve as an exhibition space for designs from MENU and DUX, tactile sculptures by British object-maker Nicholas Shurey, functional ceramic objects by Sofia Tufvasson, limestone and marble podiums by Östersjösten and dolomite plaster plinths by St. Leo stand alongside furniture, lighting and interior accessories to transform the space with bold, geometric forms, natural materials and sleek, Modernist lines that perfectly offset the classical details of the building."



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