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Take a Walk on the “Well-Rested” Side.


When the entire foundation of Hotel DUXIANA Malmo’s existence is focusing on a good night’s sleep, you know you’re in the right place. Every detail is designed towards giving you the most comfortable experience you could ever imagine. Since 1926, this unique location has kept up the reputation of the difference a night in a DUX bed can make. Let’s take a look at some of the many key features that will place a stay to Hotel DUXIANA in your future.



Located in the heart one of Scandinavia’s most diverse cities, our hotel provides convenient access to a variety of attractions andactivities to enjoy. From Michelin star dining to quaint coffee shops, Malmo’s culinary options are far from running short. The Malmo Saluhall is a food lover’s dream. The market contains an assortment of vendors, where you can spend a portion of the day picking the best meats, cheeses, coffee, or even a bouquet of flowers.


If you happen to use one of our beds at home,
we would be happy to provide a discount.


Malmo also contains a few museums for the contemporary art enthusiast. Moderna Museet is one of Europe’s leading museums in the modern and contemporary art world. The building showcases high-quality work from some of the most important artists, along with modern classics from the 1900s and onwards. Whatever you are looking for, our staff would be happy to suggest destinations that meet your expectations.

Planning a meeting? No problem! Our hotel also provides meeting rooms for you and your coworkers to utilize for a stress-free conference. These beautiful spaces are both comforting and inspiring, so you don’t have to sit through the presentation wishing to be anywhere else.

Whether it’s a weekend vacation or simply business, look into booking with Hotel DUXIANA Malmo. If you happen to use one of our beds at home, we would be happy to provide a discount.

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