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In Good Health

Having the right mattress can make all the difference in getting a good nights sleep. With a growing amount of research supporting the importance of deep restorative sleep to overall health and well-being, more people are seeking mattresses that can help them achieve better rest.  

A growing body of information has also contributed to consumers going green and avoiding chemicals that may be harmful to their health. Others are concerned about the environmental impact of their mattress. They want a product that helps them minimize their carbon footprint. 

These are all factors that should be considered when purchasing a mattress, especially considering you spend a great deal of time in close contact with your bed. An additional, yet sometimes overlooked, characteristic is whether or not a mattress is renewable. Moreover, if your mattress has a short lifespan, like the typical 5 year lifespan of most mattresses, how can it be conscientiously disposed of when its come to the end of its usage? According to the Mattress Recycling Council, approximately 15-20 million mattresses and box-springs are disposed of each year in the U.S. with each piece occupying approximately 40 cubic feet or more of landfill space. This number of mattresses winding up in our landfills means potentially harmful chemicals seeping into the environment and higher taxes as a result of the time, effort, and space required to dispose of mattresses.



The DUX® Bed’s innovative design is comprised of customizable components. Our top pad is not fastened to the bed, the top of the mattress unzips to allow access to the Pascal® cassette system, and the dual spring bases operate independently of each other.

These customizable components are replaceable, and some even upgradable. The result is a bed that can not only be restored as it shows wear, but may be improved with the release of new accessories and technological innovations.

Our renewable design means The DUX Bed may be the last bed you’ll ever own. This, coupled with the highest-quality materials  results in a bed that is made to last. And, simply put, the longer a bed lasts the fewer will end up in landfills.

By choosing DUX you are making the environmentally responsible choice.