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DUX Bed Legs

The DUX Bed features an interior frame built from the highest quality slow growth Swedish pine – one of the strongest and most resilient pines in the world. Designed like a piece of furniture, The DUX Bed’s interior frame allows you to select the leg style, height, and color of your choice and fasten the leg to the frame by threading it into place. Its unique internal frame construction has pre-drilled holes for headboard attachment, and eliminates the need for a traditional bedframe.

Should your bed height or style-needs change, you can simply adapt your bed by replacing the legs at any time. For some this may just be a stylistic consideration, but for others the ability to change to taller legs to help them get out of bed as they age can be of paramount importance.

Tapered Legs

4.75” or 7.75” tapered wood bed legs crafted in solid black, mahogany, beech and cherry stain finish.

Height Finish
4.75" Black, Mahogany, Beech, Cherry
7.75" Black, Mahogany, Beech, Cherry

Round Legs

2” round wood bed legs crafted in solid beech, mahogany or black stain finish. 
4” round wooden bed legs available in solid beech, black, oak or mahogany.



Height Finish
4.75" Beech, Mahogany, Black
6.25" Beech, Mahogany, Black
7.75" Beech, Mahogany, Black
9" Beech, Mahogany, Black
11.75" Beech, Mahogany, Black



Height Finish
4.75" Beech, Black, Oak, Mahogany
6.25" Beech, Black, Oak, Mahogany

Aluminum Legs

3.25” or 6.25” round satin finished brushed aluminum bed legs available with or without castors. 

Height Finish
3.25" Brushed aluminum with or without castors
6.25" Brushed aluminum with or without castors