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Sleep experts at DUX of Sweden are constantly driving innovation in sleep technology, engineering solutions for common complaints and sleep issues. The same dedication and quality is applied to all products available at DUXIANA, from The DUX Bed and accessories to fine linens, down and allergy control products; DUX micro spring pillows are no exception.

Neck pain is experienced by most adults at some point in their lives. It’s an uncomfortable problem that can be caused or exacerbated by sleeping on inferior pillows.

That’s why we created the micro spring pillows – a creative combination of micro spring technology surrounded by familiar, luxurious down. The core of active micro springs ensure that your neck and head stay in alignment with your spine, while the cushioning outer layer of down makes for a comfortable night’s rest. This inventive core of micro springs also helps the pillow retain its shape and pliability, year after year.



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