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Official Bed Provider

We are proud to announce that DUXIANA has become Tottenham Hotspur Football Club's official bed supplier. Tottenham Hotspur has decided to put their trust in The DUX Bed as they believe that our products are more than just a bed, but more a sleep system and a vehicle for well-being.

A Match Made in Heaven

Two iconic brands steeped in history are coming together, focused on health and well-being and dedicated to sustainability. We look forward to doing great things together through a long-lasting collaboration in many other areas outside of sleep. However, our primary focus is, of course, playing our part in helping and enhancing this great team.



- 139 years of history in the English Football League
- Promote a healthy, active lifestyle
- Sustainability
- Reduction of carbon footprint, which includes growing their own vegetables
- "Mind, Body and Spurs" program

"We’re pleased to bring Duxiana into our growing family of suppliers. Duxiana has a long history of designing and manufacturing the best sleep systems to help increase health and wellness – we look forward to bringing its products to our player accommodation facility, The Lodge."

- Fran Jones, Partnerships Director at Tottenham Hotspur





- 96 years of quality, innovation and craftsmanship
- Promotion of Healthy sleep
- Sustainability
- Comfort
- Reduction of carbon footprint
- Health and well-being

"I am hugely proud that our brand has been appointed the Official Bed Supplier to Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. When the opportunity came along to work with such an amazing global brand that shares our focus on health and well-being through sleep, as well as the same level of dedication to sustainability as we have, it was a very easy decision to make. We now look forward to working with the club and playing our part in helping the team to many successes!"

- Henrik Ljung, CEO at DUXIANA

Tottenham Hotspurs Historic Team Photograph



The Game Is About Glory. The words of Tottenham Hotspur's 1961 Double-winning captain Danny Blanchflower reverberate around Tottenham Hotspur and everything they do, to this day and into the future.

They are so proud of their rich history. From humble beginnings in North London, they became the first and, to date, only non-league side to win the FA Cup in 1901 – the first of eight triumphs in the age-old, world-renowned competition thus far. 





DUX High-Performance Sleep Systems are the result of nearly nine decades of research and testing. Four generations of the Ljung family have aspired to produce the most comfortable and technologically advanced beds on the market.

The Swedish roots shine through in the highest quality and long tradition. Increasing comfort, performance and longevity have been the DUX goals since the beginning. Our technology works... and we have the history to prove it.

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Health and wellbeing at Tottenham Hotspur

“The DUX bed is the best on the market, and here at Tottenham Hotspur, we are consistently looking to improve the facilities and products offered to our players. The DUX bed is more than just a bed - its fully customizable system is a key tool in assisting our players to achieve optimal recovery, with sleep playing a critical role. The DUX bed has further enhanced players' ability to adapt to their rigorous schedule since being introduced into our state-of-the-art Lodge facility.”

- Geoff Scott, Head of Sports Medicine & Sport Science, Tottenham Hotspur


Discover why sleep is a material sport

Material Sport is the notion that the quality of the equipment (the material, configuration/mix of material) can determine and decide the outcome. The better the material in your sport, the better you will perform. The same can be said for our beds, where the materials, configuration and design can determine the quality of your comfort and sleep.

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We take sleep seriously. We study it. We measure it. We investigate its every aspect. DUX High-Performance Sleep Systems are the result of over 90 years of research and development. Our products provide an unrivaled level of ergonomic support to help you experience significantly higher-quality sleep.


More about our sleep science


Environmental approach

We choose responsibly

DUX bed's innovative design is comprised of customizable components. They are replaceable, and some are even upgradable. The idea behind the renewable design is that The DUX Bed may be the last bed you'll ever need. Highest-quality materials coupled with a 95-year heritage of Swedish craftsmanship result in a bed made to last. Simply put, the longer it lasts, the fewer beds will end up in landfills.