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<p>Sleep Cleaning</p>

Sleep Cleaning

October 25, 2014

Maiken Nedergaard, co-director of the University of Rochester’s Center for Translational Neuromedicine, has...

<p>What is Correct Sleep Posture?</p>

What is Correct Sleep Posture?

October 17, 2014

The only way your body can rest and heal is through correct sleep posture...

<p>Pet Friendly Accommodations</p>

Pet Friendly Accommodations

October 12, 2014

Are you someone who travels in style and wants your pet to be right there with you? 

<p>Upper Back Pain & How to Relieve It</p>

Upper Back Pain & How to Relieve It

June 25, 2014

The achiness of upper back pain can keep you from the activities you love. Don't let upper back pain negatively affect your life. Identify the underlying cause and address it head on so that you can live...

<p>The Quin Hotel Trusts DUX</p>

The Quin Hotel Trusts DUX

June 24, 2014

New York may be the city that never sleeps but guests in all 208 rooms of the newly-launched Quin Hotel on...

<p>The Best Pillow for Neck Pain</p>

The Best Pillow for Neck Pain

June 17, 2014

You've been searching for the best pillow for neck pain. Waking in the morning to pain in your neck is no way to start the day...

<p>The Activity Called Sleep</p>

The Activity Called Sleep

June 16, 2014

Most people treasure sleep as a time of blessed inactivity. But new research has revealed that sleep is... 

<p>The Big Three Stresses</p>

The Big Three Stresses

June 16, 2014

We live in a world where stress comes at us from all directions. Dr. Jason Gordon, a back specialist...

<p>The Causes of Back Pain</p>

The Causes of Back Pain

June 16, 2014

The causes of back pain may be varied- poor posture, strenuous activity, injury, or heredity- but...

<p>Neck Pain & How To Relieve It</p>

Neck Pain & How To Relieve It

June 16, 2014

We can't eliminate every pain in the neck from your life, but we know the physiologcal causes of neck pain...

<p>What's the Best Sleep Position</p>

What's the Best Sleep Position

June 15, 2014

As a back specialist with two decades of experience, Dr. Jason Gordon explains how spinal health is effected by...

<p>Every Body is Unique</p>

Every Body is Unique

April 13, 2014

One of the most important yet overlooked factors to consider in your search for the right mattress is that your body is...

<p>Don't Forget Your Travel Pillow: Stay Comfortable on Long Trips</p>

Don't Forget Your Travel Pillow: Stay Comfortable on Long Trips

January 1, 2014

The next time you plan a long haul flight or a road trip don't forget to pack a travel pillow...

<p>Swedish Steel</p>

Swedish Steel

December 24, 2013

Efraim Ljung was famously inspired to change his career from chocolatier to a maker of ergonomic mattresses after...

<p>Sleep Hygiene: Forming Healthy Sleep Habits</p>

Sleep Hygiene: Forming Healthy Sleep Habits

June 27, 2013

Forming healthy sleep habits can take some effort – after all, work emails, Tweets, Facebook posts and texts are at your fingertips...

<p>Pascal® Customizable Support System</p>

Pascal® Customizable Support System

June 16, 2013

At DUX, we can appreciate the subtle differences in human bodies. Personal comfort can make buying a quality bed...