ISSUE 03: FALL 2017



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<p>Life, Awakened</p>

Life, Awakened

Sleep Science October 20, 2017

In collaboration with Furthermore / an Equinox Digital publication, we present Life, Awakened – a content series promoting deep, regenerative sleep as the foundation for an active, healthy lifestyle.

<p>The Last Fitness Frontier: Chronotyping</p>

The Last Fitness Frontier: Chronotyping

Sleep Science October 20, 2017

You've found the workouts that work best for you. You've pinpointed your perfect eating plan. But if you haven't identified your chronotype to optimize your health and fitness, you may be missing an important piece of the puzzle.

<p>Meet Silja Danielsen and Phil Torres</p>

Meet Silja Danielsen and Phil Torres

Travel October 19, 2017

Los Angeles-turned-New York City residents Phil Torres and Silja Danielsen are truly citizens of the world. While the power couple may be currently based in Williamsburg, you’re just as likely to find them hiking in the Amazonian rainforests, boating on the Norwegian fjords...

<p>5 Scandinavian Food Adventures</p>

5 Scandinavian Food Adventures

Travel October 19, 2017

When traveling, eating the local cuisine isn’t just a great way to immerse yourself in the culture, it’s also better for your health. You’re more likely to get fresher, tastier produce that is minimally processed, which means the nutrient value is higher...

<p>The Active State of Sleep</p>

The Active State of Sleep

Sleep Science October 19, 2017

What many athletes see as passive recovery is actually a physically intense process. A list of 7 processes your body was busy performing last night.

<p>How to Hydrate for Quality Sleep</p>

How to Hydrate for Quality Sleep

Sleep Science October 19, 2017

Even a slight level of dehydration will make you sleep lighter,” adds Chris Winter, M.D., a sleep specialist based in Charlottesville, Virginia. Here, he weighs in on an ideal hydration timeline.

<p>A Solid Case Against the Firm Bed</p>

A Solid Case Against the Firm Bed

Back Pain July 5, 2017

Read about the origins of the popular misconception that a firm bed is best and how it may be affecting not only your sleep, but your health.

<p>Spring Cleaning</p>

Spring Cleaning

Design/Lifestyle March 28, 2017

The bedroom is your sanctuary. At least it would be if it weren’t for those yearly spring allergens getting in the way of you becoming a morning person. And so the birth of spring cleaning came to be. 

<p>Time for Bed: Accelerated Signs of Aging Linked to Lack of Rest</p>

Time for Bed: Accelerated Signs of Aging Linked to Lack of Rest

Sleep Science March 1, 2016

When we lay our heads to rest each night, there's much more going on than dreaming. Times of sleep are the body’s opportunity to repair the damage it sustains...

<p>Are You Suffering From Social Jet Lag?</p>

Are You Suffering From Social Jet Lag?

Design/Lifestyle February 24, 2016

While the term jet lag is well known for frequent flyers, social jet lag is a newer term that measures the difference between our biological clocks and our socially...

<p>5 Ideas for Lower Back Pain Relief</p>

5 Ideas for Lower Back Pain Relief

Back Pain February 24, 2016

Get 5 ideas for lower back pain relief from the experts at DUXIANA®. Learn how to relieve lower back pain with our helpful tips.

<p>The Benefits of Napping</p>

The Benefits of Napping

Sleep Science February 23, 2016

In European culture, the benefits of napping are connected to providing people with a more relaxed lifestyle, as well as improving health and reducing stress...

<p>Sleep Research: Take Heart</p>

Sleep Research: Take Heart

Sleep Science November 28, 2015

As science reveals more and more information about health, many of us are finding ourselves more mindful about our overall wellness...

<p>How to Choose a Mattress</p>

How to Choose a Mattress

Design/Lifestyle November 26, 2015

What should you look for in a mattress? Experts at DUXIANA® go beyond the most common concern – soft vs. firm...

<p>Lamborghini vs. Eider Duck</p>

Lamborghini vs. Eider Duck

Design/Lifestyle November 25, 2015

There are more Lamborghinis produced each year than eider down duvets. Michael deLa Place explains why...

<p><span>Four of The Top 10 Hotels in New York City Trust The DUX Bed</span></p>

Four of The Top 10 Hotels in New York City Trust The DUX Bed

Travel November 10, 2015

Langham Place Fifth Avenue, The Greenwich Hotel, The Surrey-New York and The Quin all have earned the distinction of being selected by Condé Nast Traveler readers...